And who’s
still with me
as I burn away
piece after piece
of my history?

Am I dead to you?
or are you
dead to me?

Another chapter ends
and I’m watching
while the
whole entire book
is burning

And I watch
the story
that was us
turn to ash –
turn to dust

Collateral damage
that is necessary
each time I seek
a new beginning 

And not many
dare to fly
on the wing
of the phoenix

She soars too high

She burns too bright

She is ever-changing

She is not afraid
to leave you
in her wake 

For the one you know
is already gone
and a new shell
surrounds this old soul
that so few of you
know how to take

And that’s okay

My heart will mend
no matter how many times
it breaks

For there is infinite joy
in one-ness
and I am never alone
or so my guides say

And truth is calling
and ever deepening –
a mission set before me

A remembering
is unfolding

Walk with me – 

Run with me – 

Follow the fire
and fly with me

Our paths
are intertwined
for all eternity
if you choose to ascend
with me

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