Peer into
the glass box
surrounding me

How opaque
do all of you
want me to be?

I’ve tried
being see-through
or so I think

But when
I look back
everything’s cloudy

I feel as though
it’s a losing battle
trying to be me

When I shine a light
it’s only more shadows
that I see

And I’m both
the light-bringer
and the veil-keeper

And I’m running
both toward
and away from me

And it’s the words
I write
and not the words
I speak
that define me

But I’ve been
keeping my book closed
while complaining
that nobody is willing to read

And what I believe
is that you
cannot know me
unless you connect
to my poetry

Because it is through poetry
that I become
the purest version
of me

Can you feel me?
Can you feel me?

I’m feeling
completely me

In this moment
when I’m writing

I’m completely me

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