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Monster: A Poem by Jamie Hocking


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Monster begins with the line “There is a Monster inside of me. And that Monster is me.”  This full-colour, illustrated 40 page book makes a bold statement – both in its words and in its original artwork.

Jamie Hocking’s poem Monster was written at a moment when she worried that it would be impossible to be loved and accepted. Through the writing process Jamie expressed the anguish of the shame and judgement that she experienced because she was different. But partway through the poem, she found herself exploring an alternate path. Could she accept herself – monsters and all?

Monster is a book for almost* anyone who has struggled with the self-loathing, judgement and shame that comes along with being different.

*Though it may look like a storybook this is not a children’s book and contains explicit language.

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Praise for Monster

"It's hard to depict our personal experiences as late-identified autistics, but somehow Jamie and Jon Hocking do just that with their illustrated poem. Jamie's words capture the agony that is felt when we turn on ourselves, and Jon's illustrations make it hauntingly real. This beautifully illustrated poem explores how we can begin to accept all parts of ourselves. Reading this poem felt like an experience - which is just the kind of thing I love as an art therapist. "Monster" is an art piece that reverberates on every level, and draws us in with a synergistic combination of words, illustrations, typeface, and design."

Jackie Schuld

Board Certified Art Therapist

"The concept of this adult storybook deeply inspires me… with captivating visuals and a text that feels like it could be anyone else’s truth, Monster encourages us to find acceptance for the hidden parts of Self. Jamie’s poetry reminds us that seeking healing is really the journey of wholeness - every version of ‘me' is welcome. In our darkest, hidden mysteries we find the real meaning of being a person at this time, with this experience, with all of the gifts and struggles we carry. I really believe that Monster is an excellent contribution, and a missing link, to the exploration of mental health and self acceptance that the psychology/self-help movements have been waiting for."

Hollie Wildëthorn

Therapist & Coach

The antidote to toxic positivity, this book is next level self acceptance and love. Visually stunning from cover to cover, this poem is really brought to life by the illustrations. Beautifully dark and haunting, Jamie's words will plant themselves in your 'dark little heart' and change you from the inside.”

Lauren winzar

Decluttering & Organising Coach


As social media has become more ingrained in our everyday lives, our perception of ourselves and others has changed dramatically. We have spent so long looking at carefully curated versions of people that we have forgotten that there is more to the person than their persona. We’ve unfairly compared ourselves at our worst to these online personas at their best.

We’ve seen people rejected and ridiculed on a daily basis for being less than perfect. As a result many of us have tried to rid ourselves of the parts of us that we are afraid to share with the world. The ironic part is that our fear of being rejected by others leads us to reject core aspects of ourselves.

Monster was written after the author's late life diagnosis of autism and ADHD. These diagnoses helped the author rediscover who she is underneath all the masks and personas she had worn for so many years.

Monster is for everyone struggling to love and accept themselves just as they are - without the self-loathing, judgement and shame that comes along with being different. Monster guides the reader through the author’s journey from self-loathing to full acceptance of every iteration of self – monsters and all.

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