The big sad
washes over me

Oh who would I be
without these moments
of melancholy?

I’m completely drained
of all energy
and I can no longer
even run from me

I tried to push aside
what I was feeling

I tried to get on 
with all of the doing

I tried to accept
that these are nothing 
but thoughts 
that I’m thinking 

And thinking
and thinking 
and thinking
is inherent 
to my identity 

But eventually
it exhausts me

And the big sad
overwhelms me

I cannot outrun it
or escape this melancholy

I’ll never defeat it – 
not completely

So why do I struggle?
Why do I try to flee? 

Why not just give in 
and let it cocoon me? 

Why not take comfort 
in its familiarity?

Why don’t I just find peace
in this melancholy?

Why don’t I admit 
that this is just me
letting out the parts
that I’m usually hiding?

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