Waves of sadness
crest over me
and this time
I’m not going
to fight

I’m huddled down
I’m willing
I’ll allow

And the sadness
pours over me
and permeates
all the way
through me

And every loss
was once a
jagged shell
but we’ve weathered
so much
that the edges
are no longer

And here I am
sinking deep
into the sand
adding the weight
it would take
to bury me

And instead I am
allowing the embrace
of the earth
to support me
even though
I feel the sand
constantly shifting

And the waves come
and the waves go
but I’ve stopped
fighting for control

And when the water
is calm
and glassy-like
I may have
to adjust my eyes
but my soul
remains the same

It’s just that
I can see so much
further away
than I can see
when murky waters
and crashing waves
try to render
me blind 

But even in
the darkest of times
my soul finds
a way to shine

And I cycle through life
like the rising
and the falling
of the tide

Sometimes I’ll
catch the wave
and sometimes
I won’t even try
and sometimes
the choice is not
even mine

Sometimes I’ll turn my back
fully knowing
that I could get
washed away

That I might
find myself
in a new town
a new place

But the soul inside
won’t change

Over time
the rhythm
of the water
erodes my layers
and my shape
on the outside
may change

But the soul
of a poet
will never
wash away

Our words
just cut
way too deep 

They carry
their own weight
they exude
their own energy
they are who we were
born to be

So let these waves
crash over me
and take me
to the brink
of drowning
so that the words
that spill forth
reveal me
in my purest form

Where you
are indistinguishable
from me

Where there are
no more questions
because we know
there’s truth and beauty
in finding
with the mystery

But the next wave
is always coming

Bringing with it
more chances
to engage
in the process
of unlearning

And all this time
I’ve thought
I’ve been in a process
of becoming

But I’ve always

Each wave
to crack me open
to strip back layers
to reveal what
I’ve hidden underneath 

Copyright 2022-2023 © Jamie Hocking. All Rights Reserved.